Travelogue: Obstacle Course & Club Blox


02, 2007

by John Shedletsky


For the second article in the Roblox Travelogue series, Waffleboy gives us a tour of his Obstacle Course. This level has been a top-5 ranked place for the last couple of weeks. To date, I do not believe that anyone has been able to successfully complete it!

– Telamon

Welcome to the Obstacle Course! Everything you see will be engulfed on top of lava. One wrong move and you end up swimming with the fishes!

(Are there any fishes in lava anyways?)

You will encounter many bumps in the road to victory. For example, you will have to pass the treacherous small wall, the stones of annoyance, and the many heart-stopping stepping stones! Each task gets harder by the minute! Let’s continue on our tour, shall we?

Ooh, the stools of doom, I’m so scared~! Don’t let these stools fool you. A lot of people don’t know that if you fall into the gap, you pretty much have to start over. Please don’t ask where I got these stools. I might get into deep trouble. Anyways, good luck on the stools of doom!

….So fishes do live in lava! Who would of thought! Anyways, these fishes are your jumping pads. You start out on the wooden plank and hop onto the beast, and go to the other side and jump over the whales. Seems simple right? Wrong. Be careful on the sea (lava?) monster. He is quite big.

Ah, the end of the course! Oh, a question? What are those two blocks you say? Those are my prize boxes! The black one makes you completely invisible and can walk through walls and the white one makes you into an invincible…thing! Phew, this course wasn’t such a stroll in the park as I thought. I need a break. I got it! To Club Blox!

Wow, Club Blox is amazing! The stereo is great and the dance floor is a ton of fun! The bartender seems to be happy. Ooh! What a nice couch! Well everybody, thanks for reading, I think I’m going to take a quick nap on one of the couches. Thank you and g’night!

– Waffleboy