Design Builderman’s Place Parade 2


26, 2008

by reesemcblox


This parade is to show off some of the ideas we have already received. All of the entries, along with their descriptions, will appear in the voting survey that will be ready sometime NEXT WEEK. There will be another parade in a few days. 

This contest goes until 9AM (Pacific Time) Monday Jan 28. Please read the instructions on how to enter in my original post. If you have any questions don’t send mail to Builderman. Send it to me! The list of entered players will be updated this weekend.

These are some of the images we’ve received so far! Click them to go to a BIGGER version.

bigbrainkid bigbrainkid
BLUEMEW bluemew
articerile articerile
Cheddly cheddly
Chocobo333572 Chocobo333572

More images placed below this page-break, to speed loading.

cocopuffy cocopuffy
EVILdemon1123 EVILdemon1123
Gronwyin Gronwyin
Heissocooldg-2 Heissocooldg
Illusions-1 Illusions
jasmine345 jasmine345
kiba44 kiba44
leonardo77 leonardo77
ToaZuku-1 ToaZuku