Winter Wonderland Contest Update


05, 2008

by reesemcblox


Administrator-75x75 The status of the contest is this…

1. We are not accepting any more entries.

2. The competing list has been updated. You can view it here.

3. Don’t change your place yet. We are still judging them and visiting to take screenshots for the Parade. We will be judging until and including Monday.

4. The winners of the Competing portion of the contest will be announced on the evening of Monday January 7.

5. Places that relied on DHTML will judged by Admins, who can go into the places solo and see what was made.

6. There will be another Parade post to close out that part of the event!

What are the prizes?

The 20 best Competing winners will be receiving an awesome hat and $1200 ROBUX!