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Travelbloxxers – Journey Into PlaceRebuilder’s World

July 9, 2008

by reesemcblox


When I first heard about Trading Worlds, I was a bit skeptical. From what I had heard, it was a state of the art place, including its own economy. This made me think of any old RPG place that was lucky enough to wind up on the front page. I wondered if it was even worth clicking on the visit online button, which for me means a few minutes wait while the game loads. When I began to play however, I was proved to be wrong.

When you first begin the game, you are on a cloud, with the ability to choose a job that will shape your actions in the game. With choices ranging from pirate to bartender, including a post at exotic Hawaii selling coconuts. Unlike any game before it, Trading Worlds allowed players to set their own prices instead of a set price. This gives the owner of the goods the ability to haggle with customers, or set a preferred customer discount. The only downside to this is it makes it easy for criminals to take the item before paying for it. Many times I have seen somebody run off with a coke in his hand without paying his due to the bartender.

Another interesting prospect of trading worlds is its player interactions. You often see a player acting more respectful towards the town rent keeper than to a grizzly old pirate. You will notice how players will cheer on the gladiator, but heckle the challenger from lands afar (that is, unless your wager was on the challenger!). A shipper carrying pumpkins into town is often greeted with warm smiles and a free root beer, but a shipper carrying spinach is quickly thrown out. By playing this game you learn a lot about your fellow Robloxian’s personality then you would in Shark Attack by Huntermc.

However, this game can only be seen at its best with many different people with many different occupations. I enjoy it most when you focus on shipping and trading more than killing and looting. Fighting has become a large part of this game, and it shouldn’t be.

The whole point of this game is to trade goods with people who haven’t any for money. With that said, the only downside to this place is the thing that makes this place so much fun. Theft, killing, and looting that is so easily done because of the innovation completely destroys the game and changes it from a civilized and state of the art map to a horribly boring quest to stay alive.

I have to admit that this is one of my all time favorite maps in my almost whole year of Roblox. Its unique game play and innovative style really appeals to more hardcore users who have played for a while. I have to rate this place an 8/10 because although there are many exploitable loopholes in this map, it is still so much fun at the end of a long day. Rivaling classics like Ultimate Paintball CTF by miked and Sword Fight on the Heights III, PlaceRebuilder has hit the jackpot with his newest addition to the Roblox hall of fame.

Written by Ploober33 -Pictures by Evildemon1123 -Additional support by Chickenbob123