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Alien Invasion!


01, 2009

by John Shedletsky


Aliens have invaded roblox and brought their funny hats and laser gear!

The Atomic Disintegrator 3100 is a powerful laser gun that will pwn your enemies be they alien or otherwise.

BYZGLORP Ambassador – You can tell he’s smart by his oversized head.

Vlhurg Invader – A dangerous alien indeed. They don’t call him invader because he likes to hang out at your house.

Retro Gray Alien – “What big eyes you have Retro Alien!” “The better to spy on you…I mean see you with my dear…(Retro Alien cackles mysteriously)”

Clawed Helmet of the General – The General assures you that you will be pwned by anyone wearing this hat.

Ancient Peacock Warrior – This ancient hat will bring you the luck of your ancestors. Can’t be too much luck though … your ancestors are dead.

Travelling Gasa – Perfect for any journey – be it long or short.

Ninja Guitar – Most of the time ninjas are silent so that they have the element of surprise on their side, but ninjas can’t be silent forever. Sometimes they just have to ROCK!

These items will be for sale tomorrow. So be sure to check out the catalog then!

Spiked Helm of Shining Righteous Truth – Truth doesn’t make a noise. Well maybe sometimes it laughs.

Groovy Girl – This hairdo is groovy baby!

Gondolier’s Hat – It’s fun to ride in a gondola. It’s probably less fun to row one.

Generic Superhero Mask – This is pretty much the starter mask for all future superheroes.

Talk about the new items on the forums.