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August 6, 2009

by John Shedletsky


Leader of the Golden Hoard – Not everyone has what it takes to lead the Golden Hoard. They’re very demanding and it’s a time consuming job.

Green Beret – Green Berets are fiercely tough and incredibly strong.

Machete – A dangerous jungle weapon – now available to the masses!

Two Guys on a Boat – It sort of does look like that.

Box of Destiny – What does the box of destiny hold for you? No one knows. Also – This hat is not a gift hat – unless you consider the beauty of the box a gift. Then it’s a gift. And you have a rare appreciation for beauty.

Beekeeper – Some people keep bees as a hobby. I bet their neighbors don’t like them.

Golden Eagles Marching Band – Go Eagles! Rock that stadium!

Visual Studio Seized Up for 45 Seconds … Again – Have you ever experienced this pain? This face is for you!

We uploaded a lot of items today. We’ll be releasing them over the course of the weekend – so keep one eye on the catalog and the other on the blog (we’ll post a blog to let you know more about the hats).

Talk about the new items here!