The Lady or The Vampumatiger?


20, 2009

by John Shedletsky


We’ve got some awesome new hats and faces for you guys today.

Outlawed Vampumatiger Hybrid – This guy is outlawed for a reason…and no, it isn’t the ridiculous name.

Black and Red – A good look indeed! What could be better?

D: – A mix of shock and sorrow…so simple and yet so telling.

=) – Pretty straight forward face. Wear this one when you’re happy!

Ice-Nine Dronehelm – This hat is epic! And surprisingly affordable…

Fire-Nine Phlogistron – Inextinguishable fire is my favorite kind!

Neon Pink Shuttershades – Real Robloxians wear pink!

8 Bit Man – 8 bits was a lot in his day.

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