Walk like an Egyptian!


28, 2009

by John Shedletsky


ROBLOX has gone Egyptian! Check out all of the cool Egyptian things we’ve got for you this weekend:

Scepter of Pharoahs – Defeat your enemies or perhaps just passing mummies with this awesome scepter.

Ra’k Guitar – Who likes to ra’k that party? I like to ra’k the party!

Bronze Khopesh – Deadly effective.

Pharaoh’s Headdress – I bet all that gold makes this hat really heavy.

Headdress of Aken-Aten, the Sun King – Be a mighty king with this shiny hat!

Priest of Anubis – Anubis mummified his own dad. Creepy.

Evil Vizier – He’s a man you take seriously.

The Viper Band – You’re playing with poison in this hat!

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