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The One True ROBLOX

February 21, 2010

by reesemcblox


Hi everybody. We hope you all know that the ROBLOX staff works really hard to protect your accounts. We have built in protections like…

  • Verified email address
  • Password recovery
  • Parent accounts
  • Phishing filters

It has come to our attention that there are some bad sites out there trying to get your accounts. REAL-ROBLOXPlease don’t fall for it! You should only ever put your ROBLOX username and password into the ROBLOX site.
You will know you are truly on ROBLOX by the address at the top. and are safe too!

Any other site that is asking for your username and password are trying to steal the account from you! They are usually pretty lame looking sites. We hope you would notice right away they are crummy and fakey.


Here is a site that promised Free Tix and ROBUX. There’s no such thing as free ROBUX or a survey to become a Moderator or Admin. Any site offering Free ROBUX or Moderatorship is lying to you!

If you go to one of these sites and enter your password they will steal your account. You could lose your ROBLOX account forever!

Below is another fakey page asking you to log in to get free Tix and ROBUX. They try to make it look for real but it is obviously a lie!


The questions to always ask yourself when typing your password are this…

Q: Am I on the right website?
A: It better be ROBLOX.COM!

Q: Who is getting my password?

If you haven’t already, go Verify your email address on ROBLOX right now. You can click here and go to the Accounts page. Email verification is the first step to keeping your ROBLOX account forever. Be smart and keep your password safe!

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