Wacky Wednesday


10, 2010

by John Shedletsky


It’s Wacky Wednesday! We’ve got wacky (and some not so wacky) stuff for you today.

Fuschia Kitty Ears – We looked everywhere for a fuchsia kitty, but couldn’t find one. I guess Telamon was right – they exist only in my dreams!

Secret Kid Wizard Glasses – Awesomous Maximus!

Helm of the Forgotten Soldier – Coming this summer…a blockbuster to make you forget all previous blockbusters… the Forgotten Soldier starring Val Kilmer.

The First Time I Ever Played ROBLOX – It was love at first pwn.

Tropical State of Mind – This is my Friday hat.

Tropical Straw Hat – “Used to make a living, man / Pickin’ the banana/ Hooray for Havana!”

Greenbot – Go green or face the consequences!

Timmy McPwnage – McPwnage Rules!

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