Do You Need Any Body?


14, 2010

by John Shedletsky


Body parts are a BC Beta feature that we are testing right now.

  1. A selection of body parts *will* be available to all members at a future date (not just BC members).
  2. There *will* be a much bigger selection of body parts in the future. Our artists are cranking away on them as you read this.


“The ROBLOXian is an action figure.”

That’s something I scrawled in one of my notebooks awhile ago when I first started working at ROBLOX. The ROBLOX Team plans for some features months or even years in advance, and our current body part release has roots that go back to the very beginning. In fact, if you look closely in the background of OBC Cast 10, you can see a concept rendering of thirty or so proto-ROBLOXians that Builderman commissioned an artist to draw before the current boxy ROBLOXians became canon. Today, the ROBLOXian becomes a customizable action figure. You choose the limbs, torso, and head. You can keep the classic boxy look, go futuristic, or mix and match. ROBLOX is all about allowing users the freedom to control how their game looks and feels. Power to the players!


Packages At least initially, bodies are going to be sold together in packages. A package is a collection of items that you get for one price. This means that when you buy a body as a package, you actually are going to be getting 5 items for the price of one: a left and right arm, a left and right leg, and a torso. In the future, we may create other sorts of packages. A package of wizard hats, for example, or a package of ninja gear.

Body Parts are a BC Beta Feature

BConly2This release is our first large-scale public test of the new body parts.

We’re going to be monitoring game performance to make sure that body parts don’t create framerate issues or lag. For this reason, initially there will not be too many different bodies to choose from. We’ve also decided to make body parts a BC Beta feature.

A “BC Beta Feature” is a feature that isn’t quite ready for use by everyone, so we ask our BC members to give it a whirl and help us to work out the kinks.

Get your ROBLOXian 2.0 today!

– Builderman & Telamon