Gearing up for the Weekend…


04, 2010

by John Shedletsky


As you can see, this week’s gear is awesome! The description for some of our gear is a bit more complex than usual, so it might do you well to read it.

Black Hole Bomb – This bomb sucks! No, really, it does! Just make sure to evacuate the area once deployed!

8 Bit Sword – All these fancy polygons got you down? No worry, journey back to yesterbit with the 8 bit sword.

Scythe – Make quick work of enemies with Scythe! Scythe has many different attack options, and are listed below:
‘q’ key = swipe left
‘e’ key = swipe right
click once = normal strike
double click = double strike
“fgh” = spin attack of great doom

Talk about the gear in the forums.