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Sunglasses, Ties, and Hats

June 9, 2010

by John Shedletsky


As I’m sure you already know, Robloxians can now wear three hats (facial/ neck accessories) at the same time! To celebrate that we’ve released some items that would make some really cool triple hat combos. Check them out:

Golden Bow Tie – Perfect for every classy occassion. Kind of awkward for everyday though…

Spectelectro Oculus – Better watch out. I hear this one’s got a bad wireless connection that results in the Spectelectro Oculus firing at random.

Neon 80s Shades – A very bold fashion statement indeed, though I’m not sure it’s bold in a good way. Or maybe it is. The 80s were a confusing decade.

Roblox Tie – Want to look awesome? This tie is for you.

Talk about the new items here.