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Decorate the Office Winners!


24, 2011

by reesemcblox


The staff have finished judging all the entries for this contest. Soon the walls of the ROBLOX office will be decorated with awesome posters! These were some inspiring and creative entries. Every valid entrant will receive a Sunderfire Headdress!

We really appreciate the involvement of the players. Thanks to everyone who participated. Talk more about this contest on our forums!


Here are some of the staff top picks from among the entries.patrlinecookiemonster246 Potato Launcherbenbo231's fused filament deposition printerGenius5 Ads for ROBLOX

Click more to see TONS more awesome entries!


1darkskater1 Bonk6
brickmastur jasonrocks99
Bluestar09 Constructed Bed Frame Commanderfox101
donut1886 Found Object Sculpture dragon13470 Found Object Sculpture
Echobird Crafted Armor munchsprite
Firezombie Painted Epic Face Frosty6
j1o2n3-2 GirlyGirl88
guitarplayer12345 HadesDude
ThePoopsmith Giraffe
benbo231's fused filament deposition printer jeffhardy731
Jonx98 LittleBigKid2000
JOSIAH178 Art Display Matthias18 pinata
JOSIAH178 Art Detail Matthias18 pinata
blox31 stickmasterlukeHairyben1
Knexer Pinnball Refurb and sculpture evilturnip357
meoowgirl wings liechengsos
ninjasassin52 Reaper55555-5
UltimateMastodon Rocket Reaper55555
Royke36 Royke36
Sonicmon101 Sonicmon101 with costumezorg626


And many many more… we couldn’t post them all. 🙂