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Happy New Gear!


03, 2011

by John Shedletsky


Happy New Year, Robloxia! New Year’s is cool because it’s kinda like the world’s birthday. So we here at Roblox Gearmaking HQ would like to say “Hello, world. And happy birthday!” But because the world is so big, we can’t use normal birthday candles to celebrate–it wouldn’t even notice those! That’s why we made some really sparkly fireworks! Or as I call them, “world candles”! Remember, though, mega-fireworks in Roblox are made of non-dangerous sparkles and sunshine, but real-life fireworks aren’t as cool, so they’re made of dangerous explosive stuff; leave real fireworks to the pros!


Roman CandleRoman CandleThis Roman Candle was specially made for the New Year’s celebration of twenty one one. Why is it called a Roman candle? Well, it looks like a candle. And as you might remember, fireworks were invented in… China. Names don’t always make sense.



Jack FrostJack FrostThat merry wanderer of the night, certainly he is a shrewd and knavish sprite. Everything is a joke to this magical Jack; this prankster is always flying around causing winter mischief and misleading travelers. But we have his promise to be on his very best behavior… for now.



New Year's SparkleRocketNew Year’s SparkleRocketRains swirling whirls of sparkles everywhere; it’s like a crazy sparkle storm anytime you need one! Which is always.





Please talk about the new gear in the forums.

– HotThoth