In-Game Video Capture Feature


28, 2011

by reesemcblox


Hi there! We have a new in-game video capture feature. You can save videos to your computer and upload them to YouTube! Here’s how…record button

1. Go into the game, click the Record button.

2. Do your awesome stuff!  Then click Stop (same place as the Record button).

3. Then you’ll get a screen asking what you want to do next. You can upload to YouTube if you want to, or just check it out in your computer’s ROBLOX Videos folder.After Recording Interface
4. Posting to YouTube is easy! Just link up your ROBLOX and YouTube accounts. Our page will walk you through signing in at YouTube to allow access.
youtube access

This feature is really new, it’s in beta really. We will be improving it over time but there are a few things you should know for now.

  • There is no sound yet.
  • It only works on Windows 7 and Vista (Not XP yet).
  • It may take some time to finish uploading, be patient!
  • It’s still not allowed to post links to your videos on ROBLOX, but you can tell people your YouTube name so they can go look it up.

Here is my first video, made at REDALERT2’s Sandbox! You can find it under ReeseMcBlox on YouTube.

Have fun with your videos! You can talk more about this feature on our ROBLOXiwood Forum!