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Ninjas, Ninjas Everywhere!

February 26, 2011

by John Shedletsky


For the next two weeks, we have some really special things planned. They’ve been in the works for a while now, but nobody saw them coming. Why? Because they’re ninjas! And that’s just what ninjas do. They’re very sneaky that way. So to kick off our ninja extravaganza, check out the awesome ninja gears and then head over to a brand new fighting game where you can take on 4 very powerful Ninja Masters. For the first time ever, we even have an official gear-testing place, so you can test out the gears before you buy them!

What do ninjas and birds have in common?

PandaPandaCute and cuddly, this squeaky little fluffball is a friend to all. But don’t make him angry– he knows kung fu!





Ninja PotionNinja Potion #1Acrobatic ninjas take years of training to be able to accomplish the leaping kicks and aerials they are so well known for. That’s a lot of time! But with our new Ninja Potion #1, you’ll be doing a flying roundhouse kick in no time! Our way’s faster :P.



Ninja KatanaKatana of the Way of the NinjaImbued with powerful ninjutsu, this katana embodies the spirit of the ninja arts, giving the user the speed, power, and agility of a true blademaster.




Hidden Ninja DartsHidden Ninja DartsPepper your enemies with a stream of long and deadly needles. A must-have for hidden ninja assassins! Don’t leave your dojo without it!




New Game: Temple of the Ninja Masters!

Alone at the edge of the world sits a sacred temple, guarded by 4 powerful Ninja Masters, each given control of one of the elements. Many brave and powerful warriors have attempted to plunder the treasures of this temple, but all who have attempted it have failed. Until nao. Can you and your crew of the world’s most resourceful pirates stand against the might of the Ninja Masters? Only time will tell. [For those seeking an even greater challenge, there is also an extra-hard difficulty mode]


Please discuss the new gear and bodies in the forums.

– HotThoth