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Group Relationships Feature!

April 8, 2011

by reesemcblox


We’ve released a BC Beta feature – Group Relationships. Groups can declare Allies and Enemies that will be displayed on each group’s page. This feature is just the beginning of an exciting progression of group enhancements. There are exciting things on the way!

Here is the difference between Allies and Enemies…


Group leaders can send an alliance request to another group, but the other group has to accept. It’s like a friend request. Ally requests look like this:Allies


A group can be enemies with any other group – the declared enemy doesn’t even have to accept. When a group has declared an enemy, the receiving group leader gets a message in their Inbox.

Group leaders can share the power to make Allies and Enemies with the ranks of the group. You will be able to see the declared Allies and Enemies of each group on the right side of the group’s page. Everyone will know the associations of each group on ROBLOX!List

We hope you have fun with these features! You can talk more about these new features on our forum.