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The Cold Storm

May 13, 2011

by John Shedletsky


With the wizard tower finally within their grasp the Korbloxians descend upon it with great fury! The hordes of Korbloxian controlled zombies will spell the end for the Wizards of Robloxia. The question remains – can the Wizards hold them down until the Knights arrive? But that is trying to predict what is going to happen. For now, we will have to contend with seeing what the Korbloxians are bringing to the war!




Spiked Korblox Arm Bracer Used to unleash the Korbloxian vengeance, this spiked bracer comes in pairs. With its lightness and speed, this is deadly on the arms of any wild Korbloxian.






Korblox Tripmine The Korbloxian lands are secluded and fortified, not with walls but with mines. All over freezing mountains these mines are carefully sprinkled to catch the unwanted intruder. Touching these mines sets off ghastly flames engulfing anyone and everyone around.






Korblox Berserker’s Claymore Crafted using their mythic arts, this powerful claymore is as deadly as it is heavy. With its ability to go into berserker mode, this blade makes its twice as powerful at the cost of the wielders health.






DeathSpeaker’s Zombie Creator The Korbloxians tainted this once powerful Wizard dagger with their own blood, twisting it to their will. With its swiftness and power, it turns any unwary victim of the Korbloxians into a Zombie to do his or her bidding.




Please discuss the new gear items in the forums.

– Sorcus