The Terrain Game


26, 2011

by John Shedletsky


Hail ROBLOXians! Today has been an exciting week at ROBLOX HQ. The new terrain feature is 98% done; we did our first public test of terrain on yesterday.

What is terrain? I could tell you, but maybe you’d rather hear from the developers themselves. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce Simon Kozlov (aka Gemlocker) and Ben Deckinga (bjdeck), direct from the ROBLOX RALLY:

Key points about ROBLOX terrain:

  • Live on (not up 100% of the time)
  • Vast voxel-based grid of boxes and wedges
  • Integrated with the ROBLOX physics engine
  • Destructible
  • It is fully scriptable in Lua (but API will change before release)
  • Editable with ROBLOX and user-made Studio plugins
  • First version out in September
  • Additional terrain types out soon after

We’ve got some other huge user features coming down the pike for September release as well, but we’ll talk about those another time…

– Telamon