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Halloween: It Ain’t Easy Being Orange


26, 2011

by John Shedletsky



A werewolf howls. A skeleton skitters to claim the graveyard capture point. Somewhere, a zombie is moaning brainlessly. The pumpkin people shoulder their paintball guns. It’s go time.

ROBLOX Halloween Paintball is here!

It’s a 15 vs. 15 player team battle for supremacy of the eerie Dunfort, its crypts, and environs. Played in 7 minute rounds, the goal is for score as many points for your team as possible.


1 point for bloxxing an enemy

3 points for personally capturing a control point

1 point every 5 seconds your team owns a control point


There are fabulous prizes! You must be a registered ROBLOX user to win prizes, sign up for a free ROBLOX account today!

Everyone on the winning team will receive a stylish paint-splattered cap. Also, the MVP of each round, the player with the highest personal score, will win a golden paintball champion trophy. Rumor has it that there may be other prizes to win as well…

Game On!

This is a limited time only Halloween event. Stop wasting time. Go play!


– Telamon