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Zombie Fest!


29, 2011

by Sorcus


Unleash the powerful forces of the Zombie hordes across Robloxia and wreck havoc across the lands! With the power of Zombies and these ancient artifacts in your hands wipe out legions and show off the zombie awesomeness!



Brain Trap

Brain Trap The necromancers controlling the zombies infect these brains with powerful dark magic, that activates when anyone but a necromancer gets close. A zombie spawns to attack its unwary victim and chases him as long as it can to finish the job.






Zombie Slayer The Zombie Slayer while being a amazingly powerful sword wielder by any good swordsmen, also feeds on the power of the Zombies making its wielder stronger and stronger. Watch out!






Cliche Staff Of Zombie Infection Using powerful necromancy, this staff shoots out viral infectious seeds that upon impact turn its opponents into zombies, slowing them down massively and inflicting a lot of damage.





The Necrosapien Staff Said to be wielded by only the most powerful necromancers on Robloxia, The Necrosapien Staff summons unholy zombies. The summoned zombies act as a shield to the wielder of the staff and attack viciously anyone and everyone that get in their way, carefully returning to their master afterwards.





Please discuss the new gear items in the forums.

– Sorcus