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Meet an Interesting ROBLOXian: Alexnewtron

November 3, 2011

by reesemcblox


AlexnewtronMeet Alexnewtron
Membership Type: BC Member
Visits: 4,859,753
Knockouts: 2,436
Location: USA

Why do you play ROBLOX?
Five years ago, my brother Mranthony2 and I had found Roblox off of an advertisement. When I saw the ROBLOX Studio for the first time, I saw the great creativity that you could do. It just stuck to me as I started to create places friends could visit. When I saw that users loved my games, I continued to make new and better games.

What is your favorite thing on ROBLOX?
My favorite thing to do on ROBLOX is the script Lua, its a fast and easy to learn language that you can do so much with in ROBLOX. It also helps me to learn even more programming languages, so when I am older I can start a career in programming.

What do you want your fellow ROBLOXians to know about you?
I’m a web developer in training, I like to make cool websites to people to enjoy – and its thanks to ROBLOX for helping me get there. As I continue to learn to web develop, when I am older I can get a job in web developing – maybe even professionally. I know languages like Html, PHP, SQL, and even Javascript – and I always thank ROBLOX for helping me with helping me learn these languages.

Do you have any advice for noobs?
If you want to learn ROBLOX’s Lua Scripting, take a creation someone else has made, and bend and twist the scripting and see what comes out! That’s how I learned, making scripts at Script Builders, create fun places people will love! Remember, never steal someone else’s creation and call it your own – it’s always polite to give them their credit for their work.

Tell us something cool that happened to you recently on ROBLOX.
Recently, At the ROBLOX Rally 2011, I was announced as ROBLOX’s Game Developer Of The Year! It was a great advantage, and I wish I was at the Rally to hear it for myself. I received a special gear as a prize, and it makes me happy to make even more games for ROBLOX! I do plan to attend another ROBLOX Rally, maybe even next year! Can’t wait!