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Meet an Interesting ROBLOXian: TheGamer101


27, 2011

by reesemcblox


TheGamer101Meet TheGamer101
Membership Type: BC Member
Visits: 7,333,273
Knockouts: 27,366
Member Since: Feb 2009
Best Place: Sword Fighting Tournament
Location: Ireland

Why do you play ROBLOX?
I play Roblox for fun! I just love to build and script places. Roblox lets you be as creative as you want to be. You can shape your own place to whatever you want.

What is your favorite thing to do on ROBLOX?
My favourite thing to do is to script. I love scripting and feel I have achieved something whenever I learn something new.

What do you want your fellow ROBLOXians to know about you?
I want them to know that I really want to thank all the people who have played my game. It has made my time on Roblox even better. I also want them to know that I collect #101 limited items in case they have any of them!

Do you have any advice for noobs?
Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you don’t understand how a game is played you should ask other people in the game. You can also look for general information on roblox at

What are your top 3 favorite games (besides your own) on ROBLOX and why?
1. The Underground War REVAMPED by Stickmasterluke
I find this place very fun because of the simple yet highly entertaining game play. I also like how there are both swords and guns in the place as this gives it variety.
2. Checkpoint Racing v3.1 by Wingman8
This is a brilliantly scripted game. I like it because simply put, it’s epic.
3. The Creed (Version 2.45) by theRal
This game inspired one of the bonus rounds in my main game, Sword Fighting Tournament. I like it because it is a very strategic game.