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Your Own Personal Server, Version 1.0


02, 2011

by John Shedletsky



If there is one thing we believe here at ROBLOX, it is that power should be put in the hands of the players. Based on this idea we have built one of the largest gaming sites on the internet. Today, we are giving ROBLOX Builders Club members their own personal servers. Talk about power!

What Is A Personal Server?

A personal server is actually more like your own personal world. YOU are in charge of this world and control its evolution*. You control who can enter this server, and what they can do there. Your personal server is always running – when you leave your world, everything in it is saved. When you return, it’s there waiting for you.

The ROBLOX web team first unveiled personal servers at ROBLOX RALLY 2011. Here an in-depth look at this feature, in their own words:

How to Create a Personal Server

  1. Go to your My Places page on a Builders Club account (or get a BC account today, starting for as little as six bucks)
  2. Click the Create Personal Server button
  3. For the Choose Place Template, we recommend either: Happy Home in ROBLOXia (which gives you some starter stuff) or Personal Server Starting Place (which will allow you to generate an empty, fresh terrain to start building on).
  4. You’ve got your own world now!


How to Setup Admins, Members, Visitors, and the Banned List

After you follow the steps above, you have a personal server that you can build in. By default, no one else can even enter your place unless you invite them. On the place configuration page for a personal server, there is a box that looks like this:


This shows you all the access levels that your place has. For each level, you can add specific users (by typing their name and clicking add), or with a single check you can extend privileges to your friends or best friends. Note: changes to this list don’t save until you save your config changes!

Access Levels

  • Owner – this is you, a super admin with total control.
  • Admin – just like Member below, and can promote/demote users
  • Member – can enter your place, and gets building tools.
  • Visitor – can enter your place, but doesn’t get building tools.
  • Bannedcannot enter your place.

You can also set access levels in-game, by either clicking on a person’s name in the leaderboard:


Or by clicking on their actual avatar:


Anyone Can Play in a Personal Server


While owning a personal server is a BC-only feature, any one can play in personal servers, if they have access permissions. The best way to find a personal server to play in is using the new tab on the Games page.

Mods and Leet Hacks

There are a lot of ways to set up a personal server. You can even customize your personal server in ROBLOX Studio (by setting the place to a normal game, uploading a new level, then making it a personal server). Here’s a screenshot from my own personal server – you’ll notice I have some fun special powers that my friends don’t get…image

Share your Personal Server mods in the Scripters forum – I’d love to see what people come up with!

– Telamon

* The ROBLOX legal department would like me to remind you that you are still required to follow all the rules of conduct of ROBLOX in personal servers, regardless of who controls its evolution. Please see our terms of service. No warranty expressed or implied. All rights reserved. Patent pending. Use of this product signifies your acceptance of the dictates of the Telamon Chaos Institute. ROBLOX Corp is not liable in instances of force majeure or in any case where we don’t feel like it. What’s wrong with you; why are you still reading this go play in a personal server.