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iPad Tech Demo

January 14, 2012

by David Baszucki


This is a first look at the ROBLOX code stack running on an iPad. Product specs are in development and there is no announced ship date. The tap-to-move interface shown in the demo is a place holder for future thumb controls. Textures and skyboxes are disabled.

We are building off the same code as our PC and Mac clients. Rendering speed is surprisingly good. Features, bug-fixes and enhancements for the PC/Macintosh ROBLOX will show up on the iPad. Over 95% of our code base is common among all platforms, including networking, rendering, physics, sound, core, threading and lua execution.  The demo is running in full client-server mode with networking.  We can join ROBLOX servers with the iPad demo over WiFi.

The first version of an iPad product would not include ROBLOX Studio.  We have not tried building ROBLOX on an Android tablet yet.  Android does offer a cool NDK to run native C++ code, so we are optimistic a similar tech demo is possible.