Tech Demo: Video Thumbnails


26, 2012

by Tim Brown


Video and Image Gallery on Game PageTim Brown’s Hack Week project would give ROBLOX developers a powerful tool for engaging players. 

ROBLOX is about user-created content, and our users have created a lot of content — so much that you’d be hard-pressed to experience all of it in a lifetime. ROBLOX players need to be able to get to the good stuff, fast.

Video thumbnails are 30-second YouTube clips that ROBLOX creators can integrate into their game’s page on They serve two key purposes: Let creators better showcase their content using video clips, and let players preview content with a minimal time investment. Video thumbnails encourage play and make’s game pages richer — like those of some other digital distribution platforms (e.g., Steam or Direct2Drive/GameFly).

Gallery Upload Interface

Users would simply record a video using ROBLOX’s built-in capture tool, upload it straight to YouTube and provide the YouTube URL. Video thumbnails would need to be moderated (and moderation takes manpower), so video thumbnails would require a small chunk of ROBUX to post.

Video thumbnails would open the door to more video integration on Stay tuned because this potential feature barely scratches the surface of what’s possible with video.