Advertisements and Age Segmentation


14, 2012

by David Baszucki


We have started to track the click-through rate of user advertisements on ROBLOX.  These are the ads on ROBLOX that are created by our ROBLOX entrepreneurs (not the commercial ads from companies like Cartoon Network or Nintendo).  As you can see from the chart below, younger users are more likely to click ads on ROBLOX.


We are looking into why this is so, but we have a theory.  High quality ads that link to high quality assets and places tend to get clicked by everyone.

Our younger users are also likely to click on user ads that may be created using hand-drawn art, or that may refer to younger oriented assets. Some of these ads are ignored by our older players.

We will soon optimize which user ads we show to our players based on age and usage patterns. We expect this will increase the quality of everyone’s ROBLOX experience.  Older players will see more ads for military battle RPG’s, and our younger players will see more ads for cartoon obstacle courses.

Also, if you’re interested in advertising on ROBLOX, check here for more information.