Character Explorations


22, 2012

by Taylor Whitmer

We have been exploring new body, head and face components for ROBLOX characters.  All of the mockups in this post are conceptual.  We invite your feedback on everything here.  When giving feedback, please refer to the sketch and image ID, as in “I like Male Bodies-A, #2”.

We have been experiment with a range of looks – spanning from a blocky mini-fig to a more human shape.  We have been playing a bit to see if we can capture the look and feel of iconic characters that you may recognize from movies and TV.

For the male characters, we are also looking into possibly including facial hair, as well as more descriptive facial expressions.

For the male faces, we have explored several options that are more descriptive and include facial hair and emotion.  Notice how the different smile and eyebrows change the entire personality.

These faces show previous ROBLOX heads in Column A with colors, alongside new faces and head shapes in Column B.

For the shape of male avatar heads, we have a range of the original ROBLOX shape at figure 1 to a more lifelike head with figures a, b and c.  The top of the head becomes rounded and the jawline is more defined as you move down the scale.

Here we have a variety of sketches showing how the newest female ROBLOX character might look.  This is a scale from the original ROBLOX 1.0 avatars to a female plastic doll.

If you slide towards figures 9, a and b, the character starts looking photo-realistic.  If you slide towards figures 1 and 2, the body shape is not as feminine.

Here is an exploration of female faces. Similar to the male mockups, we wanted a range of expressions so users can choose faces that display emotions.

The female heads start from the original ROBLOX shape in figure 1 to a more life-like shape in figures a, b and c.  Notice how the jawline becomes more defined, and the top of the head is rounded.

This is a combination of heads with faces, color, hair and male faces on female heads.

All of the images in this post are mockups.  We have no set plans for if and when we may release any of these. We look forward to hearing suggestions and feedback from our players.