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Character Explorations v2

April 26, 2012

by Taylor Whitmer


ROBLOXian Kirk Last month, ROBLOX released a preview of potential body, head and face components for new ROBLOX characters.  Today, we will show you the 3D renderings of heads, bodies, arms and hands that we have been exploring.  Because we want to know what our users think, we have included a survey below the photos, where you can indicate what you like.

Here are 3D renderings of male and female bodies.  We have a few versions that sort from the original ROBLOX 1.0 body to a new female body.

As you can see, we have a range of designs where the arms, feet and hands are more rounded out than the original 1.0 ROBLOX characters. Also, if you look at the heads, you’ll notice that there is a wider jaw, specifically, if you look at Figure C. Your feedback thus far has been important when exploring new characters, and we will continue to show you what we are working on.