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Your ROBLOX Top-Three List

April 7, 2012

by David Baszucki


Today we are giving everyone the chance to submit a personal ROBLOX “Top-Three” list. Please be as specific as possible and limit your reply to three short items. If you have additional comments, place them after your three items. This will make it easier for other readers to browse many replies quickly.

Try to be specific rather than general. For example, rather than saying “reduce lag”, instead say “increase graphics frame rate”, or “increase responsiveness to user controls”, or “reduce graphics stutter”.

Here is an example of a good reply (three short, specific items, with comments at the end):

    1. Make ROBLOX run on LINUX
    2. Add a “Pneumatic Actuator” object 
    3. Make the _____ better/faster/more intuitive/… 

    I really think you should add a pneumatic actuator
    so I can build the giant robotic tyrannosaur I saw at
    my local science museum. LINUX support would be nice because
    I’ve built my own home-brew LINUX box and would really like
    to run ROBLOX on it.

We will review your replies over the next week, and then synopsize in a future forum post. Your feedback will help us to prioritize our development pipeline.