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ROBLOX Game Conference Update

May 9, 2012

by Roblox


Santa Clara Convention CenterAs the 2012 ROBLOX Game Conference comes closer, we have been nailing down the agenda and details for the event.  This year, we are hosting the second annual RGC at the Santa Clara Convention Center on Saturday, July 14, 2012. Be sure to purchase your tickets before our first registration date of May 14th.  If you purchase your tickets before this date, you will also receive a complimentary ROBLOX Game Conference T-shirt, water bottle, virtual visor and virtual gear.

At the conference, we plan on including various seminars, tech demos, as well as sharing the future of ROBLOX.  During the conference, you will have an opportunity to meet ROBLOX staff, and similar to last year, we will also be giving out ROBLOX awards.  Plus, there will be a Developer Lounge where you can build and hang out with other ROBLOX creators. Some of the tech demos that will be incorporated are topics such as improving ROBLOX physics, water and buoyancy, and ROBLOX Studio 2.0, which is an exclusive, first preview at the next generation content creation tool.  Another session that you won’t want to miss is David Baszucki’s vision of ROBLOX in 2020.

ROBLOX Game Conference

If you are a budding game developer and want to learn how to get a foothold into the video game industry, we will also host discussions with ROBLOX employees about how to whip your portfolio into shape, and how to have a competitive edge.

For more information on the ROBLOX Game Conference, visit the event information page. Several hotels are now offering special RGC room rates.  Be sure to register for the 2012 RGC here.