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An Open Letter to ROBLOX about Our Third-Gen Character Parts


28, 2012

by David Baszucki


Prototype Characters Lineup

We have a big vision. The future of ROBLOX is an online world where many physical phenomena are simulated. Ultimately, wind will blow small parts around, metal wires will conduct electricity, lasers will cause wooden parts to burst into flame, magnets will attract parts made of iron, and water will freeze, flow and vaporize. This is not a world that will be composed only of blocks. Our characters will evolve and adapt to live in this world.

Over the last few months, we have been sharing our development progress on new bodies, heads and faces for ROBLOX characters. Each of the four blog posts we’ve published has received upward of 1,000 impassioned comments. Your feedback has helped us, but we have also noticed that some of our users are concerned about the new character parts.

The new bodies, heads and faces will be optional, and all previous character parts will remain available. The character parts will not release as the default in ROBLOX. They will initially be available to Builders Club members in the Catalog. Controlling the release will allow us to evaluate how the new body parts fit in with the greater ROBLOX world.

ROBLOXian 2.0In 2010, there was concern when ROBLOX introduced new body parts. However, ROBLOX users have adopted the body and its various morphs almost 1 million times. If you prefer a first- or second-generation ROBLOXian, I encourage you to stay with it. We are placing the power in your hands, which is a theme that permeates the ROBLOX platform.

Thank you for your passionate feedback over ROBLOX’s future.