Defining a New Genre with ROBLOX “Build and Battle”


15, 2012

by Andrew Haak


Build and Battle LogoGame creation and game play are two cornerstones of the ROBLOX platform. While they’re usually exclusive activities in separate environments, the ROBLOX Content Team’s newest project, Build and Battle, blends the two to create a team-based game where victory demands strategy and a fierce, competitive spirit.


How Build and Battle works

Build and Battle is a mash-up of our multiplayer first-person shooter, Base Wars FPS, Stamper-tool building and real-time strategy mechanics. Here’s how it works: Two teams of up to 15 players spawn on an expanse of procedurally generated terrain. Each team has an energy core, which you protect by building and fortifying a base using ROBLOX’s Stamper tool.

Thing is, you have to earn your base. There are gold deposits scattered around the terrain, marked on your handy mini-map. You compete with the other team to own the deposits – which, in turn, lets you build on the surrounding territory – mine as much gold as possible and use your resources to build and fortify your base.

Winning requires a team-wide balance of offense and defense; your friends will have to risk their lives on the frontlines gathering gold and assaulting the enemy base, while others work on constructing the base and defending the energy core.

First team to destroy the other’s core wins.

Build and Battle Screenshot - Turret

Depth of Gameplay

Build and Battle uses the FPS framework we built for ROBLOX Base Wars FPS, ensuring a fast and responsive shooting.

Since you build a base using the Stamper tool, you’re building using terrain. While standard terrain is enough to block enemies from entering, we wanted to give depth to the base-building process. You can not only build using materials of varying fortitude (and expense), but fire from specific weapons also degrades each block over time. Eventually, even a strong aluminum block will degrade to iron, then cinderblock, then stone, then dissipate entirely. There’s no surefire way to win the defensive game; you have to keep a constant eye on the health of your base.

We also let you use the Stamper tool to place and wire up defenses, including turrets, tesla coils and spikes, in and around your base. You can place gold mines and armories at your deposits, as well.

We’ll also be able to continue injecting new content – weapons, defenses and more – after the game officially releases.

Build and Battle Screenshot - MineTry Build and Battle Today

For now, we invite you to give our prototype version of Build and Battle a try. After you test it, head over to our Game Design forum to share your thoughts and converse with ROBLOX developers about your experience. We want to understand how you play the game — what works and what doesn’t — so we know how we can tweak and improve it.

While we’ve got work left to do, we’re progressing toward defining a genre of game you won’t find anywhere else. No other platform or game engine makes it quite as easy to place such a wide variety of terrain and models, and wire up so many contraptions, all while battling it out in a live, multiplayer FPS.

Video music: Covered In Oil (Broke For Free) / CC BY 3.0