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Preview ROBLOX’s New Prototype Character Bodies

June 16, 2012

by Andrew Haak


Character Prototype ScreenshotIf you’ve been following the ROBLOX blog for the past few months, you’ve probably seen one of our three hotly debated “Character Explorations” posts, in which we’ve shown the ongoing design progress for our version-3.0 character models. Love them or not, your feedback has helped shape the look of the future ROBLOX.

This time around, we’ve taken the new 3D bodies to the next level by creating fully dressed, personality-rich prototype characters and putting them into motion. Check out this post for a video preview from ROBLOX Art Director Jonathan Jahr.


Our new character models, once released, will be optional and compatible with previously released catalog items. If you’re a longtime user who’s attached to the original look, you’re welcome to stick with it. But don’t be surprised when you start seeing some new faces in ROBLOX.