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RGC 2012: In Pictures (And Video)

July 16, 2012

by Roblox


RGC 2012 - Registration

We recognize that holding the ROBLOX Game Conference in California creates an insurmountably long haul for some of our users in other parts of the country — and the world. So, if you couldn’t make the trip this year or just want to relive the excitement of the event, take a look through this photo and video gallery.

Before we get to the media, we’d again like to express how much we enjoyed interacting with a small part of the ROBLOX community in person. There was energy emanating from your passionate feedback and smart ideas, your desires to be better scripters and game developers, and your participation in the day’s many events. Hopefully, your experience at the event inspired you — as ours did us — to be an even better ROBLOXian.

This gallery is the beginning of post-RGC 2012 content. We also plan to share detailed information from interesting talks and demos that premiered at the event.


RGC 2012 - Lobby

The doors open at 9 a.m. and ROBLOX users flood the lobby.

RGC 2012 - David Baszucki

CEO and Founder David Baszucki chats with ROBLOX users.

RGC 2012 - Attendees

ROBLOX users enter the Santa Clara Convention Center.

RGC 2012 - Registration

Attendees collected their badges before moving toward the floor.


RGC 2012 - Entrance

Then proceed into the show-floor area.

RGC 2012 - Collecting Rewards

But not without collecting some free stuff, first.


RGC 2012 - Cables

RGC 2012 is something of an audio-video extravaganza.

RGC 2012 - David Ma

David Ma provides music between presentations on the Main Stage.

RGC 2012 - R&D Corner

The show floor, from the R&D Lab’s corner.

RGC 2012 - Main Stage

The Main Stage.

RGC 2012 - Education for Gaming Panel

Four panelists talk about how they broke into the gaming industry.

RGC 2012 - Erik Cassel

Erik Cassel introduces David Baszucki to start RGC 2012.

RGC 2012 - This Is Jeopardy

Four ROBLOX veterans play ROBLOX Jeopardy with host John Shedletsky.

RGC 2012 - Luke R&D

Luke Weber chats with ROBLOX users in the R&D Lab.

RGC 2012 - Hackathon Challenge

Hackathon participants check out the latest challenge.

RGC 2012 - Ideas and Feedback

Attendees share great ideas and feedback.

RGC 2012 - High Fives

CEO David Baszucki doles out high-fives to the lucky folks sitting near the aisles.