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Trading System: Available Soon to All Builders Club Members

July 12, 2012

by John Shedletsky



Thanks to the tireless efforts of our web and ops teams we were able to turn on the trading system for all premium members as of 9 PM on 7/12. The trading system is now in open beta testing. We will be tweaking it over the next several weeks; you may notice changes or periods of unavailability.

If you are a ROBLOX player and you are anything like me, you have been waiting for the arrival of the ROBLOX trading system since almost the dawn of time.

We know that many Builders Club members want access to the trading system *right now*; it’s great that everyone is so excited to get to play with this feature.

The good news is that the trading system is almostdone; we’ve been testing it live with a very limited pool of users and everything is looking good. The trading system is a very complicated piece of software and it is important to us to get it right, which is the reason for the limited rollout.

Once we’re confident we’ve eliminated any residual bugs, we’ll launch it for all Builders Club members. We anticipate this will be sometime in the next week.

As we stated in our sneak preview, the Trading System will allow Builders Club members to exchange limited items without needing to have cash on hand. This will make it more feasible to exchange rare and high-value items, in particular. Take a look at how it works here.

We appreciate your patience, excitement and enthusiasm, and hope that fine-tuning the system now will lead to the best possible user experience upon full-scale release.