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A Look Under the Hood at 10 Popular ROBLOX Catalog Items


08, 2012

by Sorcus


10 of the Most Popular ROBLOX ItemsThe ROBLOX Catalog features a vast array of items. Some exist to make you look really, really good; others for the sake of helping you outsmart, outmaneuver and overpower your opponents. Of course, with so much gear to browse, it can be tough to find a good point of entry. We’ve compiled two lists, comprising 10 of the most popular items in the Catalog, with some details into the underlying code that powers them.

5 of the most popular ROBLOX weapons


Name Damage Price (Robux)
Zombie Staff 20 per zombie touch (summons 5 zombies) 1000
Sheriff Steve’s Six Shooter 25 per shot 600
Super-G LS33 Disruptor 30 per shot 800
Katana 8-12 per slash 250
Black Hole Bomb 15 per hit 550

Inside look: Black Hole Bomb

Black Hole BombThe Black Hole Bomb is a unique piece of gear that, upon detonation, pulls all objects in a radius toward it. It does so by applying a BodyPosition object to all parts within a radius of 50 studs, then removes its forces after 10 seconds. For more information, please take a look at the source code for the Black Hole Bomb (click to enlarge).

Black Hole Bomb Code Snippet

5 of the most popular ROBLOX items

Name Features Price (Robux)
Gravity Coil Reduces gravity by 75% and allows character to jump extra high 250
Gravity Gun Causes your opponents to float for 16 seconds – making them easy targets for an attack 250
Grapple Hook Allows for fast movement to any location less than 200 studs away – makes for quick climbing 705
Gravitational Radiation Hammer v0.01 Sends a shockwave blowing away any unanchored things (players or objects) within 30 studs 600
Transmorph Ray Gun Morphs opponents into a random object 850

Inside look: Gravity Coil

Gravity CoilThe Gravity coil allows the player to reduce the amount of gravitational pull exerted on him or her, thereby allowing much higher jumps. We used a recursive function that computes the total mass of a given assembly of parts (in this case a character) and made it 75% lighter by applying an equivalent BodyForce to the assembly. By changing the gravity parameter you can change how light/heavy your character is. For more information, check out this code snippet for the Gravity Coil (click to enlarge).

Gravity Coil Code Snippet

Let us know what you think of this gear. If you’d like to get your hands on any of these items, click the links in the above lists. You can purchase Robux online or in card form at various retailers.