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Build Page to Fuel Game Development and Content Creation

August 7, 2012

by TobotRobot


BuildGame development and user-generated content fuel ROBLOX, and one of our goals is to make sure all users — not just paid members — know that they can build their own games and create original content. To that end, we recently introduced version one of the Build page, now accessible from the main navigation menu at

The Build page centralizes all the content you’ve created: games, shirts, t-shirts, pants and models. While it currently serves as the easiest way to view and manage all your creations, separate from your inventory, our vision is for it to become a launch point for game development.

Build Page - GamesOne of the first steps toward realizing that vision is an Edit button that will launch ROBLOX Studio from the Build page. Our Web Team is building that functionality right now, and we believe such a quick, easy path will encourage more users — premium and free — to take advantage of Studio’s suite of development tools and increase the quantity and quality of content on ROBLOX.

As of today, here’s what the Build page offers:

  • My Games: Organize and configure your games, and view visit metrics for the last seven days and all time.
  • My Shirts: View a listing of the shirts you’ve created and launch the Shirt Builder, where you can upload textures for new shirts.
  • My T-Shirts: View a listing of the t-shirts you’ve created and launch the T-Shirt Builder, where you can upload textures for new t-shirts.
  • My Pants: View a listing of the pants you’ve created and launch the Pants Builder, where you can upload textures for new pants.
  • My Models: View the models you’ve created in ROBLOX Studio.

For shirts, t-shirts and pants, the Build page will also display how many you’ve sold. Keep in mind that selling items requires a Builders Club membership.

Build Page - Models

The Build page is not only useful to ROBLOX users who have already created content, but also those who are looking to take the step from game player to developer.