ROBLOX’s Mobile Site,, Now Live for Testing


24, 2012

by TobotRobot


Mobile ROBLOX ProfileROBLOX is a big platform. While each of our development teams has its own areas of focus, goals and projects, there’s been an overarching objective in recent months: make ROBLOX a more mobile-friendly platform. Today, we took a step forward by launching a mobile ROBLOX website at is not yet the default landing page for mobile traffic, but it’s now available for our dedicated blog readers to try. We’re seeking your feedback regarding what works well, what could work better and what features you’d like to see in the future. You can let us know in this article’s comments or on our dedicated mobile forum; just remember to note the mobile device you’re using when feeding back.

The mobile ROBLOX site is meant to let you network with other users and browse the Catalog while you’re on the go. You can update your ROBLOX status, view and interact with your friends by exchanging messages, and send friend requests to other users. The mobile Catalog shows featured items, by default, and lets you search by category and purchase new gear for your character. You can also view your inventory in “My Stuff.” Currently, items being resold by users can only be purchased on the full ROBLOX site.

Mobile Website Screenshots

We’re considering allowing you to customize your ROBLOX character, view and interact with groups, and purchase Robux and Builders Club subscriptions in future updates to We’ll also be bringing some of the mobile site’s functionality to our iPhone/iPod/iPad app, ROBLOX Mobile. started as a Hack Week project by ROBLOX engineers Vlad Fridman and Sairam Venugopal, with help from Steven La. It was was built in just weeks using jQueryMobile, a JavaScript library that takes advantage of modern smartphone capabilities but also works well on older devices. We’ve tested the mobile site using a variety of phones and devices, from the latest iPhone, iPod Touch and Android models to two-year-old, semi-smartphones. We expect the site to perform well across many different devices. on Many Devices running on a variety of mobile devices. Click to enlarge.