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Trading for Profit (and Fun): The One-Week Challenge, Part 1

August 17, 2012

by John Shedletsky


Trading System One Week ChallengeThe goods: a new ROBLOX account and $20. The plan: trade like a maniac. The goal: accumulate tons of loot using nothing but trades.

This is the experiment I started a week ago. Today, my account is worth 161,179 Robux. Read on; I will show you how to trade your way to outrageous success.

Please note that your results may vary and we can’t guarantee this process will make you rich. This article simply explains the minimum resources you need to trade and offers great tips for success.

Day 1: Getting Started

Most ROBLOX players become wealthy through building awesome games and selling VIP passes that unlock bonus content. Not us. We’re going to use the brand new trading system as our engine for wealth.

The first step is to procure two $10 ROBLOX cards, which you can buy almost anywhere and redeem online. Trading is a premium feature, so I bought a 30-day Builders Club (BC) membership with the first $10 card.

I also needed items so I could formulate some initial trades. I could have waited for my daily Robux allowance – one of the perks of BC membership – to accrue, but we’re interested in getting wealthy fast, so I used the second $10 ROBLOX card to buy $10 worth of Robux. BC members get a price break on Robux purchases, so I was able to get 1,000 Robux for $10 instead of 800 Robux. If I had done this the other way around (buy Robux and then a 30-day BC membership) I would be out 200 R$, so follow my lead: BC first.

BC memberships also include a 100 Robux signing bonus and a daily 15-Robux allowance, so on Day 1 I had:

  • The ability to trade
  • 1,115 Robux
Knight King Catalog Item

The RAP is highlighted in green in this screenshot. Click to enlarge.

I bought five limited items (only limited items are tradable – use the Collectibles filter on the Catalog page to hide all the others while you shop) to start. I opted for several items instead of one expensive item because it would be easier to find trades. I found five limited items selling at or near the Recent Average Price (RAP; this is the price at which the item normally sells). You’ll notice that all the current copies of the Knight King in the screenshot at right are priced higher than the RAP. This is because all the cheaper offers had already been scooped up by bargain hunters like us. In this case, the difference between RAP and the best offer was only 39 Robux, making it a reasonable starter-item buy.

I bought five items like this. At the end of Day 1, this was my SuperTrader account’s inventory:

Price Paid Item
298 Dark Dragon Lord
279 Knight King
222 Disloyal Order of the Draphant
170 1337 Cyber Assassin
100 Ninja Necktie
Left over
46 Robux

TOTAL Value of Account (Items + ROBUX): 1057 R$ (I lost money here because I bought over RAP).

Day 2: Let the Trading Begin

Day 2 was all about finding people who want to trade. The more trade offers you get, the more opportunities you have for profit. During the course of this experiment, I sifted through over 3,000 trade offers, though I only accepted about one in three.

How to generate trades:

  • Post on the Let’s Make a Deal forum. Specific posts are better – just posting “send me trade requests” will get you nowhere.
  • Join a trading group. I started with this one and later made my own; being able to shout what you are looking for to an entire group generates targeted trades.
  • Dress for success. I bought this shirt so I would look like less of a “noob” and more like a serious trader. Later I found that wearing valuable items generates trade offers for those items.
  • Invite people to Best Friend your account. This makes your status updates visible in their feed, so you can ask for trades there.
  • Browse the catalog for collectible items. Send trade offers to the person selling the item for the cheapest amount. These people want to get rid of the item and will often give you a good deal.

I started with some of the least-valuable limited items on ROBLOX, so there was really nowhere to go but up.My strategy for Day 2 was to accept any trade where the RAP of my item(s) was higher than the RAP of the other person’s item(s). I started with some of the least-valuable limited items on ROBLOX, so there was really nowhere to go but up. This let me slowly build the value of the items I had to trade.

I did about 500 trades and made an average of about 10 Robux profit on each. This is easier to do than it sounds because small trades don’t require that you spend time bartering, negotiating and balancing with additional items.

By the end of Day 2, I multiplied the value of my account roughly six times.

I’ll pause there for now, but these tips should get you started. When we pick this story back up, I’ll provide tips for becoming a pro-level ROBLOX trader, methods of amplifying your trade requests and a look at how the rest of the one-week challenge played out. Stay tuned.