ROBLOX’s Wealthiest Users: Part 2


28, 2012

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


MoneyIf you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you know that last week we reached out to some of the wealthiest users on ROBLOX to see if they would share some of their secrets to earning boatloads of Robux. Though the users who shared their collective knowledge were greatly appreciated, we also promised that we’d feature advice from the top three richest users this week. Here they are, with a ton of helpful advice. We don’t want to give away which of the three is richest (we feel that’s a little invasive), so keep in mind these are in no particular order.

User The Amazeman created ROBLOX Titanic, a game that has been played nearly six million times. Since, The Amazeman has learned the ins and outs of the trading system and has developed a detailed insight on how to score some major Robux. Here’s his advice.

“When I have more time to spend on ROBLOX, I trade currency for profit and buy/sell/trade some items. It takes enormous effort to set up a good game and offer a VIP shirt that’s worth it, but once it’s there, I don’t have to keep using up an enormous amount of time to gain wealth,” says The Amazeman.


He went on explain that his primary focus was to create a solid game, and warns that once you’ve made a popular game, immediately starting to work on another one may not be the best idea. Simply up-keeping an existing popular game is enough work as it is.

Pull Quote “An important thing to consider when trying to maintain your games is, ‘is there a reason for players to come back?’” says The Amazeman. “You want to make players excited about continuing to play your game–and you can do so, by creating an array of different badges and allowing savable data and items. Maintaining and updating your game is important”.

User Drewsome B is the creator of Heli-Wars: Desert Attack, which has been visited over ten million times. He attributes much of his financial success to maintaining consistency and being respectful to other users.

“As my game started to gain popularity, I only made minor changes and improvements, but kept the same general idea. Because I didn’t take away what people were familiar with, Heli-Wars continued to grow, right along side my monetary gain,” says DrewsomeB.

He went on to detail his games’ meteoric rise, citing VIP shirts as a welcome help to gain both Robux and popularity.

“I set my VIP shirt at a high price in hopes of limiting the abuse of VIP powers, but as the game gained popularity, more and more people purchased the shirt, which lead to more and more Robux and tickets.”

We recently introduced Game Passes to the world of ROBLOX, and we’re interested to see how users like DrewsomeB will utilize them in conjunction with, or even instead of, VIP t-shirts.

He added, “It is very important to be cordial and respectful. I don’t have time to answer every personal message that comes my way, but I do my best to answer a few here and there, and chat with players who play my game. This builds a warm feeling of friendship among players, and, in turn, they come back to my place.”

Creator of The Hunger Games and other popular titles, Ozzypig attributes much of his success to knowing how to properly market his titles.

“Building and scripting a fun and original game is a must, but that’s not all there is to it,” says Ozzypig. “Marketing your game correctly is key. The only way for a game to be profitable on ROBLOX is through the use of VIP t-shirts”.

He describes an example to back up his point.

“Think about it. One visit is only one ticket. If you were selling a VIP t-shirt for 25 Robux, that would count as 250 Tickets at the current exchange rate. It’s much more likely for a single player to buy a VIP t-shirt than it is to have that user visit your game 250 times.”

Ozzypig also warned that it’s important to take part in spending on ROBLOX as well, as opposed to only selling items.

“Your game might earn a bad reputation if you don’t pay up yourself! Create your game carefully so the VIP benefits are balanced and fair,” says Ozzypig. “Scripters: use the Badge Service to allow for multiple VIP t-shirt abilities. Offer your VIP t-shirts in Tickets or Robux, and make sure to link to your t-shirts and badges in the description of your game”.