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Photo Gallery: How ROBLOX Celebrates Halloween

October 31, 2012

by Andrew Haak


Given today is one of the few days it’s widely acceptable to do — and be — something out of the ordinary, we thought we’d take a break from what we’re working on and show you what we dressed up as for Halloween. Plus, now that we’ve spent a few weeks creating and releasing Halloween-themed gear, we have some last-minute recommendations from the ROBLOX Catalog.

Balcony Group Shot

The whole crew.

Worlds Collide

In this alternate universe, still no one wants to be Luigi.

Scary Pumpkin Mask

Scariest pumpkin... ever?

Superheroic Adam   Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Group Shot 2

Get in on the Fun with Halloween Gear

If you want to get in on the fun, check out some of the gear we’ve released over the past month in the ROBLOX Catalog. The following are four of the most popular Halloween-themed items of 2012.

Korblox Bone & Arrow 

It’s a classic longbow, with a certain distinction: it’s constructed of the finest, most durable bone. Take out one of your foes with this weapon and their body instantly turns into a skeleton.

Cloak of the Undying

Wear this cloak, turn into a bat, and fly around. Spook your friends and foes — it’s that time of year.

Crescendo, The Soul Stealer

This weapon is capable of wreaking multiple forms of chaos — so many that we have to use a list to explain them all.

  • The slash deals 29 points of damage and the lunge allows you to cover distances quickly
  • The lunge leaves trails that lightly damage and slow by 40% anyone who touches them
  • Pressing ‘Q’ enables fire, allowing you to deal an insta-kill on your enemy

For each kill, your sword collects charges that circle around you. When you have three or more, you can unleash a soul blast that sends out waves that do more damage at closer ranges.

Zombification Injection

Steal other people’s life force to transform yourself into a powerful and angry zombie. After you’ve stabbed a player, your character will turn into a giant monster zombie with a hammer that does 40 hit points of damage per hit.