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Stay Connected with ROBLOX Using Social Media

October 9, 2012

by Andrew Haak


Social Media IconsROBLOX uses a number of channels to give you a voice, listen to your feedback and help you network with other users. While the ROBLOX forums are (and will continue to be) a particularly popular and active place for ROBLOX users to chat, we also maintain a presence on three of the big social networks: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We can’t respond to all of the feedback we receive via those media, but rest assured that we – and other connected users – are reading your thoughts.

All of our social media accounts have been growing since their inception. Since new users sign up for ROBLOX every day, we invite those of you who are new to the platform to join us around the web.

ROBLOX FacebookFacebook

Since our last check-in, the ROBLOX Facebook page has grown from about 166,000 fans to 243,000 fans – or by about 46% (5.6% per month).

While our Facebook “reach” fluctuates based on activity and types of posts, we’ve had good success – and a really good time – making connections with ROBLOX users via questions, photos of ROBLOX and the ROBLOX HQ, and interactive posts, such as “caption this screenshot” opportunities. Our August caption contest, for example, reached 100,000 fans, making it one of the most popular in our history.

Not only that, but you get the most important ROBLOX news, straight to your News Feed. Like us on Facebook for daily updates from ROBLOX, and make sure to Like and comment on our posts to keep them flowing into your feed.

ROBLOX YouTube ChannelYouTube

Subscribe on YouTube

Here’s one area we’d like to improve. We have ideas for videos – more interviews with ROBLOX developers and more footage of upcoming features – but we’re also interested in hearing from you.

What types of video content would you like to see from ROBLOX?

If you have ideas, let us know in the comments. As for right now, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel using the button above so you can be among the first to see every new video we publish. Right now, you’ll find a mix of game reviews by Max Benedek, tech demos, interviews from the ROBLOX office and footage from events.

ROBLOX TwitterTwitter

We enjoy interacting with our passionate Twitter following, which is now collectively in hot pursuit of the 30,000-follower mark. Help us reach that milestone by following us today.

What’s cool about ROBLOX’s Twitter account is it offers the “scoop” on things that aren’t out just yet – for instance, we’ve recently shared a photo of Base Wars: The Land running on an iPhone and a glimpse of the then-unreleased new Catalog. We also share interesting tidbits and statistics. You’ll see some of them re-posted on the right-hand column of the blog, from time to time, but that’s only a taste.

We love getting Tweets from ROBLOX users, so keep them coming. If you already have a Twitter account and follow @ROBLOX, you can dig even deeper into the fascinating projects of ROBLOX developers by following our ROBLOX staff list.

Play ButtonAgain, we’re interested in hearing what kind of video content you’d like to see on ROBLOX’s YouTube channel, so let us know in the comments. Otherwise, we’ll see you — and talk to you — in the social sphere.