ROBLOX’s Black Friday Sale 2012: A Preview


21, 2012

by BrightEyes


Black Friday Weekend DealsIn a couple days, you’re going to be hearing news stories about shoppers lining up in the mid-night cold to stake out deals on hot Black Friday items. For some, it’s an exciting event. But if you’re the type of person who would rather do your Black Friday shopping from the comfort and safety of your own home, you’re going to love ROBLOX’s Black Friday Sale. It starts this Friday at the stroke of midnight in the ROBLOX Catalog.

Much of our Black Friday Sale was determined by the majority opinion of ROBLOX users. A couple weeks ago, we released a community survey that allowed users to vote on the gear they’d like to see discounted. The survey is now closed; the results have been tallied. While we’re not going to take all the suspense out of Black Friday shopping, we have a preview of four exciting items that will be on sale – and in two cases brought back from the depths of unavailability by your vote.

Sword PackSword Pack

We’re not only bringing this back from unavailability, but reducing the price by 80%, bringing it to just 50 Robux.

Clockwork's ShadesClockwork’s Shades

The original shades will be back for three days only at their original price: 19,358 Robux (Clockwork’s User ID).


The Doombringer

This is a brand-new ROBLOX package — spiky, metallic, clawed and winged. Coming Friday at a reduced price!

Goku PotionR-Orb

The R-Orb lets you sprout spiky hair and charge up energy bombs that do massive damage. Coming Friday at a reduced price!

Clockwork’s Shades were the number-one most requested item by users who participated in our Black Friday survey. As always, we will also have brand-new gear available on Friday; a couple of the new releases are previewed above. The new gear will be available right off the bat at discount prices.

Check out the blog on Friday for more details about our Black Friday Sale and keep your eye on the ROBLOX Catalog throughout the weekend as we introduce new deals. You don’t want to miss out on the discounts we have to offer.