ROBLOX’s Black Friday Sale 2012


22, 2012

by BrightEyes


Black Friday Weekend DealsROBLOX’s Black Friday Sale starts now! A blend of new gear, users’ choices and some picks of our own, our weekend sale is a perfect opportunity to deck your character out and become one of the most stylish and envied ROBLOXians this side of the internet. If you’re in the market for great gear at reduced prices or want to pick up classic ROBLOX gear that’s only available on the rarest of occasions, use the below guide to our Black Friday Sale. This list is not exhaustive and we’ll be rolling out additional deals throughout the weekend, so keep your eye on the ROBLOX Catalog for more.

Available now: New gear and a new character body at discount prices

Hand Rail GunRapid Launch Laser Blaster: Now 900 Robux (1,250 Robux starting 11/26)

This laser assault rifle has a massive clip size (it holds 45 rounds) and can fire up to ten shots a second for 12 damage points each. With good aim, you could inflict 120 damage points in one second.

R-Orb: Now 650 Robux (1,000 Robux starting 11/26)

Using this potion will give you spiky yellow hair and allow you to charge a “spirit bomb,” which is a massive ball of energy that you can shoot at others for 40 hit points of damage.

The Doombringer: Now 1,000 Robux (1,250 Robux starting 11/26)

This is a brand-new ROBLOX package — spiky, metallic, clawed and winged. Are you a ROBLOX user with a dark side? This body might suit your personality.

Available early Friday morning: previously unavailable items back on sale

Clockwork's ShadesSilverthorn Antlers: 400 Robux (3 days only)

The Silverthorne Antlers don’t adorn the heads of too many ROBLOX users. Set yourself apart from the crowd. 400 Robux for a limited time.

Clockwork’s Shades: 19,358 Robux (3 days only)

Clockwork’s Shades were users’ number-one most requested item for the Black Friday Sale. You have three days to get your hands on them; then, they go back to obscurity and you become one of the few and proud owners. The price is the same as it’s always been: 19,358, based on Clockwork’s user ID.

A certain top hat will go limited at this time, as well.

Sword PackAvailable later Friday morning: gear discounts

Valkyrie Helm: 21,000 Tickets (30% discount, normally 30,000 Tickets)

Sword Pack: 50 Robux (80% discount, normally 250 Robux)

Green Banded Top Hat: 1,000 Robux (66% discount, normally 3,000 Robux)

We’ll also have a deal on a hat and make another limited.

Saturday: assorted gear and hats

General BodyGeneral BadBlox Body: 150 Robux (400 Robux starting 11/26)

If you’re the military-commander type, you can now look the part.

Empyrean Reignment: 100 Robux (normally 330 Robux)

Dog Tags: 15 Tickets (normally 25 Robux)


Two user-created re-textures will become official ROBLOX hats.