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Six Must-See ROBLOX Places

November 15, 2012

by Andrew Haak


Conquest CityROBLOX is a multi-layered platform and different people love it for different reasons: the games, the socializing, the organizing, the economy, the physics, the forums and other things entirely. One of the things I’ve come to appreciate is thoughtful, detailed building. Here are six beautiful examples (a couple suggested by the Content Team’s Luke Weber) that might make you wonder just how much time their creators spent perfecting them.

Air Attica: Sefarnos Airport by cranacyr

This ROBLOX place looks and feels like an airport; it has all the tropes but cars dropping off passengers. With signs that look authentic, service counters and security stations, Sefarnos Airport is a lesson in attention to detail. It gets players in the spirit, too; there’s almost always someone behind the ticket counter.

Sefarnos Airport

[Solitude][solidão][Silence] by geico480

Here, solitude feels good. You spawn on a deserted island with a lighthouse, detailed vegetation and an island castle on the distant horizon. Luckily, you can use the teleport tool (hotkey 5) to get to the other part of the map. Down to the chains from which lanterns dangle and decorative fence posts, there is detail packed into each corner of this place.


Doom Caverns by Maelstronomer

The Doom Caverns have a classic ROBLOX look – almost everything is built out of traditional blocks. That makes the small details, like the single source of natural light shining into the cave (pictured below) and unified, mood-setting color palettes, all the more striking.

Doom Caverns

Sword Fight of Imagination by TheProfiter

What Sword Fight of Imagination lacks in color, it makes up in pure style. In this case, style gives a tried-and-true sword-fighting game concept new life. What’s really smart is the use of white fog; it helps you determine whether a platform is close to you by reducing the contrast of far-away objects.

Sword Fight of Imagination

Conquest City by owen0202 (and a team of 20)

Conquest City is an unfinished project that was the result of 20 builders and two weeks of work. Despite only being “as done as it ever will be,” according to its ROBLOX page, it contains a huge number of parts and carefully modeled, still scenarios: humans battling dragons, archery practice, street vendors peddling product and more.

Conquest City

Temple of the Sea by Unclear

At a glance, the Temple of the Sea looks simple. Look closely at the decorations, symmetry and detail in the pillars, and you’ll see it in a different light.

Temple of the Sea

Those are some of our favorite feats of building, but there are millions of other places and games on ROBLOX. What did we miss?