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Ultimate Sword Series: Seven Swords to Rule Them All

November 17, 2012

by Sorcus


ROBLOX Developer Lead Deepak Chandrasekeran (Sorcus) is in the process developing a series of swords on ROBLOX that will give users powers they may not have ever believed possible. His first sword, Telamonster: The Chaos Edge, sold out in two days, but it was the first in a series of ultimate weapons that will eventually include a roster of seven customized swords with unique and varying abilities. Sorcus runs through the features of these two extremely limited items, and talks a bit about what inspired him to create these swords. 

Crescendo the Soul Stealer, our second release in our Ultimate Weapon series, does things that no other swords on ROBLOX can do. First off, it dramatically hastens your walking speed and increases your overall health by 35%. It also leaves trace images of itself as it’s swung; this isn’t just a cool aesthetic–the trails do damage to enemies who come into contact with them. The Crescendo also features a lunge attack that blasts your character forward across terrain at a rapid speed, leaving a light-trail that can damage other players.

The most powerful attribute of the sword, however, is what earns it its name. After lighting the sword on fire by tapping the “Q” key,  you can deal an instant-kill strike that not only kills on contact, but actually absorbs all the HP that the player had before you struck him down. That’s not all–this special attack causes victims’ life essences to leave their bodies, surrounding your character. You can gather up to seven essences at once and the more you have, the faster they’ll heal you. You can also cast them back out as a soul-blast that decimates anyone within the blast radius for a maximum of 77 hit points based on distance.

That’s a lot of features for one sword, don’t you think? That’s the point. Each of these limited swords will feature a ton of different unique abilities that will make them incredibly dangerous and powerful.

Take the first sword we released in the series: Telamonster the Chaos Edge. This brute of a weapon leaves a trail of fire that can damage other players on contact. It also has the ability to bind all enemies within a 50-stud radius for 3.5 seconds and does 20 hit points of damage over the duration. Additionally, the Chaos Edge affects all people using flying gear–you can use it to attack enemies in the sky, knocking them to the ground for 65 hit points of fall-damage. The Chaos Edge went for a whooping 30,000 Robux with a limited run of only a hundred–and sold out in just two days.

The Crescendo, which is slightly more powerful, is currently in the Catalog and is selling for 50,000 Robux. The overall idea behind developing Crescendo The Soul Stealer came from Heroes of Might and Magic. One of the most popular in-game swords was the “Soul Stealer”, and I was attracted to the idea of not just damaging players with a weapon, but actually absorbing their life as well. I figured a sword that could literally pull your life force away from you would look evil, hence the freaky demon eye etched into the middle of the handle and the flames surrounding the blade.

Though each of the swords will be extremely powerful and share some aspect of a “fantasy” theme–a notion I gleamed from the Fantasy Arcs of ROBLOXia I used to write– that’s where the comparisons end. Each sword slated for release will feature different and unique attributes and attacks, and each will look radically different from one another. Each sword that is released will be more powerful than the last, and will be sold in lesser quantities at a steadily rising price. We realize they’re expensive, but that will make it difficult for a single user to collect all seven. We imagine some pretty intense bargaining and trading in the ROBLOX marketplace as more swords come out, and we’ll make sure to keep you updated with every new sword release. We can’t wait to see who ends up with all seven, or if that’s even possible.