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What Games Are ROBLOX Developers Playing?

November 8, 2012

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


‘Tis the season of gaming, so we thought we’d sit down with a handful of ROBLOX employees to find out what they’ve been playing this holiday season. We’re all gamers at heart, and this proves it. Enjoy. 

Kip Turner (Content Team)

I’ve been playing Orcs Must Die 2–it’s so fun. You defend these massive dungeons against hordes of enemies, and you can place traps all around the map. It also introduces co-op, so you can slay orcs with your friends. From a developer’s perspective, I really get a kick out of the physics system. All the traps have physics parts built into them, and you can use them to send orcs flying off the edge of cliffs into a murky abyss.

Orcs Must Die 2 is most likeShi No Numa. It’s a very similar game, where you get attacked by hordes of zombies and you have to create barricades to hold them off. You can choose from a range of defenses, including the electric trap, which zaps and kills zombies in an instant.

Tyler Mullen (Content Team)

I’ve been playing League of Legends. My favorite part of the game is that it’s designed to promote teamwork. It’s amazing to me that such a deep game has such a simple goal: kill your enemies. Each user has three paths through a map–one on top, one in the middle, and one on the bottom–and all along these paths, there are towers that shoot off giant beams of light that take you out.

But you can’t just run through the map. It’s like cooperative chess. You’ve got to work out a strategy and team composition that not only fits for you, but everyone involved. Every person has their own individual set of unique skills, and as a team, you’ve got to find a way to exploit each members’ strengths. Individually, you could have the reflexes of a panther, but it won’t get you anywhere. You’ll lose if you don’t have a solid team.

League of Legends is most likeBase Wars: The Land, because each class has something specific to do. You can customize your role in the team and work together with your teammates to gain control. I like the concept of games that feature classes with specific roles to play–you can’t all just be one class, you’d be obliterated.

Luke Weber (Content Team)

I’ve been making my way through Dishonored’s campaign, and am totally blown away by the atmosphere, level design, and overall polish. You’re not confined to some shoddy 2D map; it’s a 3D labyrinth with a ton of places to explore and discover.

The combat system is also incredible, and it lets you choose how to approach every situation. You can take a moral path and knock everyone out rather than killing them.  Also “blinking”–essentially teleporting across maps–has never been done in such a unique way before. There’s nothing more gratifying than teleporting behind an enemy in an instant, then choking him out.

Dishonored is most likeCountryside in terms of level design. Getting that dystopian look down is harder than you’d think, but the level design at Countryside reminds me of Dishonored.

John Shedletsky (Creative Director)

I’ve been playing FTL, which is a roguelike that takes place in space. Basically, you have a crew of guys and you’re on the run from rebels. Every time you play this game it’s a different experience, which you come to appreciate as a game designer. The levels are randomly generated and the average game takes an hour or two to complete.

You’re the captain, and you’ve got to focus on keeping your crew together in a wide variety of space-circumstances. You command your men to board or loot ships, and decide whether or not they have the guts to go and do battle with giant space-spiders. That’s right. Giant space-spiders. I don’t think I have to say anything more.

FTL is most likeApocalypse Rising, because it’s all about constantly finding loot. There are thousands of random encounters, and you have to think on your feet and choose how to best react. Apocalypse Rising really gets the whole “random terror” aspect right.

Deepak Chandrasekaren (Content Team Lead)

DotA2. There are many interesting facets to this game, my favorite being that it’s based on Aeon of Strife, a Starcraft map. It’s a multiplayer online battle arena, and it focuses on team work. It’s totally unforgiving–if you’re not prepared, you lose. And the only way to get prepared is to communicate with your team.

I also love how balanced it feels–it’s all about capturing and holding new territories, but that’s impossible to do without coordinating battle-plans with your team. You’re constantly learning new things as you play DotA2, and changes in team members radically alter what you can and can’t do. I’ve put endless hours into this game, and am still discovering new and exciting things to do and places to go.

DotA2 is most likeBase Wars: The Land, because it encourages teamwork to succeed. You cannot win without help from your team. Base Wars: The Land also features a huge amount of character places and maps, like DotA2.