Now Everyone Can Play Every Game on ROBLOX Mobile


20, 2012

by Dylan Bromley


iPad showing Games pageROBLOX Mobile has officially been available for a week. In the time since its launch, we’ve been closely monitoring the app to ensure a good user experience and listening to your feedback. Today, we’re pleased to announce all ROBLOX games are available to all users on ROBLOX Mobile. This should give you a great opportunity to enjoy ROBLOX — whether you’re a Builders Club member or not — during your travels and free time over the upcoming holiday break. You can log into ROBLOX Mobile now and play all of the millions of games you and your fellow users have created. Simply touch the “See More” button under All Games.

If you need game suggestions, check out our recent look at what games ROBLOX users are gravitating toward on mobile.

ROBLOX iOS IconNow is a great time to check out ROBLOX Mobile if you haven’t already. The app lets you play games (iPad 2+, iPhone 4+ and iPod touch 5th Generation), send/receive messages, make new friends, interact with your groups, shop from the Catalog, customize your character and purchase Builders Club/Robux in-app.

There are a few ways you can get the app:

Enjoy the games!